“My 60 Day Challenge on Crutches” by Karalyn Lucci

When I read about the 60 Day Challenge I was excited, but not sure if I should sign up.  I wanted to do yoga every day, so I did not necessarily see it as a challenge, but as a desire.  However, I was hesitant because I was scheduled to have ankle surgery about 18 days into the Challenge.  Could I do yoga daily for 60 days while recovering from the surgery?  After clicking on the ‘sign up’ button several times over a few days, I decided I would make it work and clicked ‘signed up’ one last time.  So I added a challenge to the Challenge.

The Challenge was my salvation while I recovered.  I “banked” some classes before my surgery so I was a week or so ahead when I was wheeled in for the operation.  Wow, I have never felt pain like this, but I kept thinking about when I would feel good enough to take a class.  After about 10 days of sleeping, I was ready, sort of, to return.  With my daughter, Sloane, helping at every class, I got started.

My first class back was Breath and Meditation with Nikki.  Everyone at the studio was so helpful.  A chair was brought in for me and Nikki stacked blocks to keep my foot elevated.  It felt so good to be in the class meditating. I attended Breath and Meditation classes for a few days and once I figured out how to get up down to the floor and back up again, I decided I could handle Yin and Restorative classes.  Although Sloane came along to set up my props, so many people offered to help me in each class. And Misako, Lorien, Daniella and Joanne could not have been more helpful and supportive in each class.

I completed the 60 Day Challenge by enjoying 60 classes in 60 days and the staff member that punched my 60th class on my card and gave me a little cheer. The best part of the experience was seeing that yoga was being practiced in every way by the people at the studio.  The care and concern expressed by so many was truly heartwarming.  Many people shared their “crutches” experiences with me and empathized with my recovery.  Each time I showed progress in my recovery, I was further cheered by many of my fellow yogis.

Being at the studio every day is making my recovery bearable. I have now branched into some Yang classes – I really missed downward facing dog.  My body and mind feel great. I am so thankful I had the Challenge/Desire to give me a mindful recovery and with the extension to 108 days, I will continue to recover with the help of daily yoga and everyone at Breathe.



Written by Guest Contributor

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